Sunday, December 21, 2008

december, january, february

blind contours of myself--carved into the wax, etc....I like the change of imagery and getting back to drawing a bit. February is on the way!

season of long shadows

these are both images I took of our field on Saturday AM...0 degrees. I printed them on paper and attached them to 8x8" is with bleached beeswax and the other is with amber.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

beeswax team gift exchange

I received my wonderful parcel from Beth Billups several days ago. Beautiful, Inspiring, and Amazing! This 6 inch cradle board is framed with black painted wood. The back of the piece is covered with brown paper for a very neat presentation.

“creativity, inspiration, community” are the three words collaged onto the incised jar images. Beth incised the lines and colored them black with oil stick. The lower half of the piece is an image of honeybees! (my favorite!). I am truly honored to have an image of Beth’s. She is a very detail oriented artist who knows about great presentation. Beth’s website is super.
We found out we have similar taste in music and we are both (originally) from Michigan! Yes, that is snow to the right of me in the vertical picture—we have about 30 inches on the ground as of today and the temp was about 15 degrees today.
The gift exchange was a super idea. I hope the person I sent work to doesn’t feel shafted (sorry Pam if my work is strange!). All in all, this group started by Shannon has been a wonderful new community of artists that I am very thankful to be a part of. Happy New Year Everyone!