Friday, March 26, 2010

new studio...

(John noticed that this was the closest grave to the church! this man lived a long life for the time~)

wow...what a crazy week it has been. here are some pics of my temporary art studio in the sacristy of the church...our church. until we can get the basement floor done and the space heated I will use the sacristy for working on some larger pieces. I can use the space heater to warm the area...MPR comes in on the old radio...and all is well....the neighbors are loving the company!! This is where I plan to spend the days of my spring break!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

our new honeyhouse/art studio

610 Plank Rd. in Greenland, MI, about 4 mi from our home. It needs a little TLC, but John has the time~we will be glad to have her heated and occupied again..vacant for at least 15 years...SO, now the bees and the souls can meet again....the church and honeybees have a long history together...for the wax, and many accounts of bees representing the soul...

upcoming workshops!!

I will be conducting 2 Sculptural Encaustic workshops at the CCCAC in Hancock MI. First one is Monday, March 8th, and the next will be Saturday, April 10th.

Also, John and I will be attending ANR week at MSU. There I will do a slidetalk/demo on encaustics and beeswax collage!