Tuesday, June 30, 2009

june 30th

the third piece of the triptych. the image collaged in the middle piece was sent to me by Caterina Martinico of Santa Rosa, CA. This fun card of 4 women fit perfectly with the two "wing" pieces. I love the way that this middle piece with the portraits grounds the piece and gives it life beyond decoration! Thank you so much to the Beeswaxteam for coordinating this "object challenge"!

Each piece is created on a 8x8x2" piece of lumber.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Piece a day June 29th

Some friends and I are doing "piece a day" for at least 2 weeks...I think I will try a month at least....to create, photograph, and post a piece of new artwork a day...hopefully created on or near that day! this is a challenge for me, as I usually work in diptych or triptych form...here is my attempt for the day. This is encaustics and encaustic medium over a recycled paper bag. The bag already had this fantastic black print on it....tune in tomorrow to see the suprise which is going in the middle! Although I really loved this flowy composition, it seemed too decorative, and needed a focal point...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

beeswax mask collaboration

After reading "Plan bee" by Susan Brackney, http://www.planbeebook.com/ I decided to make some beeswax death masks of my face. I ordered some algenate from the artmolds company http://www.artmolds.com/

John helped me make some molds of my face that I filled with beeswax. The masks were placed into a beehive the second week in June...things are progressing nicely!