Friday, December 31, 2010



for the Kalevala show...

Tiny bee, thou honey-birdling, Lord of all the forest flowers,Fly away and gather honey, bring to me the forest-sweetness,Found in Metsola's rich gardens, and in Tapio's fragrant meadows,From the petals of the flowers, from the blooming herbs and grasses,Thus to heal my hero's anguish, thus to heal his wounds of evil." ...Thereupon the bee arising, from the earth flies swiftly upward,Hastens on with graceful motion, by his tiny wings borne heavenward,In the paths of golden moonbeams, touches on the Moon's bright borders,Fans the brow of Kootamoinen, rests upon Otava's shoulders,Hastens to the seven starletsm to the heads of Hetewanè,Flies to the Creator's castle, to the home of generous Ukko,Finds the remedy preparing, finds the balm of life distilling,In the silver-tinted caldrons, in the purest golden kettles;On one side, heart-easing honey, on a second, balm of joyance,On the third, life-giving balsam.Here the magic bee, selecting, culls the sweet, life-giving balsam,Gathers too, heart-easing honey, heavy-laden hastens homeward.Lemminkainen's mother quickly takes them on her, tongue and tests them,Finds a balsam all-sufficient, then the mother spake as follows:"I have found the long-sought balsam, found the remedy of Ukko,Where-with God anoints his people, gives them life, and faith, and wisdom,Heals their wounds and stills their anguish, makes them strong against temptation,Guards them from the evil-doers."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

more explorations in texture

honeycomb. i am in love :)

hanging circles and block prints

this is an experiment of hanging the block prints, monoprints and paper rolls in a scroll-like fashion. Some lucky afternoon sun came in the windows of the church basement to illuminate them.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


these new 3 are much more organic...working with cloth rather than plastic...looks kind of nautical to me...keep or trash?? Don't know!!

experiments with order, disorder, entropy, and etc.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

upcoming shows in the new year....

Anxious to get back into the studio to continue work for these 3 events in February:

Transmutations: duo show with Kerri Corser at the Vertin Gallery

Faculty show at the Finnish American Heritage Center

Somnium: Michigan Tech Rozsa Center Gallery

check back in December and January for updates!