Wednesday, October 31, 2007

detail and poems

Sally's poem: I am from big band music playing on the radio, recordplayers and the Ed Sullivan show I am from the house on 3rd St (behind the Catholicchurch) with the sunporch filled with treasures andboxes of old dress up clothes to let imaginations runfree I'm from the yellow irises and bridal wreath shrub androws of maple trees whose long gone limbs I rememberas if they were my own. I'm from nighttime pajama rides, milkshakes, winks andsmiles.I am from Jeanne Dagmar, daughter of Aunie and EmilI am from Joseph Amadeo, son of Severina and Silvio I am from lovers of music, adventurous spirits andunconditional lasting love. I'm from dad brought you back from India andwe all have our own crosses to bearand Mammy's Goodnight Lullaby sung by Ma Johnson I'm from big family picnics at Dawson Lake and tripsdownstate. I'm from Alpha and Rossi's and Alto'spolenta & wine and cardamom bread & coffee From the twinkly eyed drummer boy who fell in lovewith thepretty beautician from Mansfield who loved to dance Dusty photo albums filled with images of the past in drawers, on shelves, and in boxes moved from home tohome...where ever the adventure took us. Sweet memories held like treasures deep in my heart and will remain there long after other senses fade
Christy's: I am from cereal and milk from grapevine wreaths and potpourriI am from the house in the Western split rail fence, basketball hoop I am from the marigolds The chokecherry tree, whose long gone limbs I rememberas if they were my own.I’m from singing loud and strong calves from Rossi and Hronkin, Alto and Marcinov I’m from sisu and polka and from strong like bull I’m from "but not always" and these are the good old days I’m from tostitos and diet rite in the back yard I’m from the U.P. and Alaska, and from places I’ve never been Angelfood candy and sugar cookies From December birthdays, wood stoves and pizza at camp Stories told again and again, each time bringing the past a little closer to my heart and reminding me who I am


I am from wool socks
from radio and wood stove
I am from the house that George built
golden sunshine flooding windows and sparkling on the pond
I am from the daisies
The tall straight pines
whose long gone limbs I remember
as if they were my own.

I’m from working women and fortitude
from Sally and Anna and Jeanne
I’m from morning coffee and worry
and from updates on everybody's business.

I’m from only boring people get bored and I love you
and good morning starshine
I’m from Christmas Eve dinner
I’m from the U.P. and the old country
Blackberries and beets and fresh baked bread
From WWII letters in a trunk
each one addressed to "my dearest darling"
Walls covered with photos of generations
Eyes looking out through time
I am from those moments
Past present into future
Travelling with memories like a gypsy caravan.


I am from roller skates
From records and piano
I am from the A frame on Runkle Lake
Sunlight breaking through the trees
I am from the pansies
The Red Pines
Whose long gone limbs I remember
As if they were my own.

I’m from singing and curled eyelashes
From George and Sally
I’m from anxiety and early rising
And from hugs and kisses.

I’m from free to be you and me and its alright to cry
And Cat Stevens
I’m from camping trips
I’m from Crystal Falls and Europe/Scandinavia
Venison and green beans
From Grandparents working hard
Mining, building, Avon, Cheese plant, and hairdressing
Photo Albums and portraits on the walls
Attics and garages
Filling up with time
While we’re thousands of miles apart.