Thursday, June 26, 2008

untitled triptych with hive frames

each of these is a frame from the beehive measuring approx. 6.5x15 inches. Masonite was placed where the honeycomb is usually built. drawing, encaustic, and beeswax collage were used for the imagery. Made June 16-26th approx.


andyisjustme said...

this was one of my favorite pieces at the show! also queen bee 2. love it. love it! are you going to continue making pieces? did you use all of your wax? said...

This is beautiful work. Congratulations on it, and good luck on your upcoming projects.

Supria said...

Lovely work, I love this triptych in the bee hive frames and Queen Bee 2 is absolutely divine...thanks for sharing..
I appreciated your connection today, email to follow.
Hoping we can continue to stay connected.