Saturday, June 12, 2010

sculptures, installation view

each of these started out representing an element: earth, air, fire, water. now they are kind of mixed. the one with the stick skirt will have dirt on her silver plate...the candle one has ashes, the air one has the gurgle a phone (sound piece) and the water one has a water bowl....the one that feels least resolved to me is the water one....i wanted somehow to get the "light on water" effect, but sure the gallery doesn't have directional lighting...SO, we will go with what we have...suggestions welcome. they will go in the middle of the gallery with wall art around. the tops are my body cast in tape and plastic size. the other "human forms" i have in the show are the beeswax masks...would like to think about how there are casts of faces and torsos that are from my body..but not "figurative" work in the sense that a whole person is depicted...rather shells or casings....thoughts?

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Karen Wallace said...

Amazing work. Warmly, karen