Thursday, July 23, 2009

july 24-26th

journey: 8x8x2" lumber mixed media....

The Aztec Winter Solstice was celebrated with ceremony honouring the Earth Goddess, Tonantzin. She later shape shifted to become the Virgin of Guadalupe. Interestingly, the way she portrays herself (emblazoned on the milpa robe of Juan Diego) resembles a cocoon of a honey bee. Or a yoni symbol. One of the mirthful Bee Priestesses immersed herself into the world of the hive ........The image of her emergence from the cave/hive and the image of Tonantzin (aka Virgin de Guadalupe) are similar. Although the Bee Priestess looks ready to take action and reclaim the Earth for the Goddesses, while Guadalupe stands steady in traditional meditative posture of prayer.

fortune, l'amore. 8x8x2" lumber

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