Thursday, July 9, 2009

Portrait of an artist as a beekeeper: multitasking

Portrait of an artist as a beekeeper: multitasking Today’s entry is less of an encaustic piece, and more of a glimpse into my process: multitasking. I am not recommending this method for anyone else, as sometimes one ends up becoming overwhelmed and makes silly mistakes. Take today, for instance, when I “tested the electric fence” with my HAND by accident. I forgot to shut it off and was trying to shove the lawn mower under it to get to the beeyard…Youch! Wake-up! No harm done, just a reminder to slow down and concentrate. I have had a strange urge to try it out, but could never work up the courage…until today I did it blindly! Also, the studio is messy. The images depict my 2 work surfaces, and then the lumber waiting for its turn with the alchemist…waiting to be turned into “piece of the day”….oh yes, the beeswax masks. While I have been working the past 10 days, the bees have been working on decorating these masks with honeycomb. Sometimes multitasking is not bad when you have help!

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