Friday, July 3, 2009

july 3rd

we can all this one "colony collapse". it is created on an 8x8x2inch piece of lumber. there is broken egg shell collaged into the wax surface. the eggshell is from a Ukrainian egg painting class I took this spring...after working on the lovely bee themed egg for about 1.5 hours, I dropped it into a dye jar, and a fracture, I thought I would continue to work on the raw egg, and at one point it just "exploded" into my lap. I thought the shell could be used in some type of project...I think you can still see the bee theme in the forward to the encaustic conference. I met another artist that had a piece with egg shells embedded into the wax surface..and she said that it was an ancient Japanese technique. So, who knew? Because the bee is broken, fractured, and embedded into the surface, I think it could represent "colony collapse disorder"..that the honeybees are facing...

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